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The Marine Reserve is a part of the United States marines Corps. Their motto is ‘Ready, Willing, Able’. This Job with United States Marines is not a part time job and is not treated as such by those who are enlisted in this service.

It is a part of the Department of Defense and is listed as one of the federal jobs. A simple job search on most search engines will show you the site for Marine Reserve from where one can gather the necessary information required for those wishing to join this service. The official website is All the sites that allow you to job search on the net ask for information on parameters like Qualifications, preferences and other personal information as well.

Those who choose this federal job as a Marine Reserve can utilize a host of education and financial benefits, which is also extended to their families. They can also later get into active service if they so desire.

Marines also have veterans programs, which include benefits including healthcare, family and financial benefits. As well as veterans the older veterans counsel outreach program, where the new combat veterans.

Those enlisted in this service are also entitled to other benefits such as healthcare and housing at concessional rates and can also take retirement benefits. Many opt to retire and work in other fields and industries where they are readily employed.

The Marines also provide for assistance in returning to civilian life after honorably leaving the Marine Corps and for those who are disabled. Therefore one can say ‘Once a Marine, Always a Marine’


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